Ice Princess

You're not like the other girls.
Winners make sacrifices.

Maybe they just cheat.
- Turn that off!
- Sorry.

Take it from the layback.
The conclusion's too simplistic.
The kinetic energy in a jump
equals half the skater's mass
times velocity squared, minus...

No, I could barely understand it.
I don't know if they'll care
but it's just a little bit...

Mr. Bast said
I have to make it personal.

- How do I do that?
- I don't know.

Put more you in it.
Oh, excuse me, Tina.
Is there any way
that I could take a few lessons?

I think I might be able to write better
about the physics principles

if I'm the one actually applying them.
- If there's any way I could...
- Fine.

We're starting a novice class
for the summer.

Three afternoons a week.
- Popcorn! I want popcorn!
- Where are my Gummi Bears?

- I gave them to you.
- Four hot dogs!

- Oh, I'm sorry...
- You touched that with your fingers.

Oh, fine. You don't want it?
I'll eat it.

Oh, you breathed on it!
You shouldn't work here.
You're here again?
Um... I'm working.
It's for my science project.

Aren't you going overboard
with this project?

No, I'm totally committed to it,
like you're committed to skating.

Whatever. I'm starving.
B.L.T. Here. Hold the B, heavy on the L.