Ice Princess

You've been living at that rink,
but you're here, now.

And you're excited, because
you understand what's really important.

Look, I've got goose bumps.
I'm sorry, that was so type A of me.
Mom disease.

Just relax. Just be yourself.
Your normal, poised,
charming, articulate...

Do you wanna go over it
one more time?

Hi. I'm Casey Carlyle,
and I'm attracted
to the physics program because...

Physics rocks.
In sophomore year, you can join
the Quantum Club and that rocks

because we compete against
Cal Tech, MIT and Stanford.

Last year, our ion particle accelerator
took first place.

It rocked.
Sounds really, um... rockin'.
It is, it really is.
Do you know what I think is great?
If Casey's scholarship works out,

I'm sensing that you two will be
spending scads of time together.

Hors d'oeuvre?
Oh, how wonderful, bruschetta.
If you have some time right now,
I'll take you through
the entire physical sciences syllabus.

We have got nothing but time!
Don't we, Case?

I know I'm late. I'm sorry.
That's the first rule.
All right, let's get ready.
Come on.

- That's what she said...
- I have to do two turns...

- Really?
- Yeah.

We're supposed to go round
the side, remember?

- Oh...
- It's right there.

- Right there, is that better?
- Yeah...