Ice Princess

- What?
- You skipped two levels.

- Why didn't I skip two levels?
- Because you're six, Lily.

Junior level is where
Gen and Nikki and Tiff are at.

Is that true, Tina?
That I'm on a junior level?

Yes, it's true.
Okay, everybody, let's get changed.
Come on, everybody. Let's go.
So, if I...
- If I wanted to compete?
- You can't.

Why not?
What happened was, the judges saw the
same thing I've been seeing all summer.

You got some raw talent. That's not
enough for a shot at the regionals.

You need a coach, a valet,
a choreographer, private ice time.

Nikki's parents took out
a second mortgage to do this.

- And Tiffany's dad works two jobs.
- Oh.

- Where d'you get those skates?
- Garage sale.

They're falling off your feet.
You need custom boots, $600 minimum,

and the blades need to be sharpened
every six weeks.

You get it?
I'm sorry. It is what it is.

You have to want it. You have to
want it more than anything else.

It's not something you do on a whim.
You know what I was thinking,
Miss Senior?

This is the last first day of school.
Because the next first day,
you'll be in a dorm.

So I went a little nuts.
I made pancakes with white flour.
Can you believe summer's over?
We're wasting our lives here.
- Heard you landed a double.
- Tiff!

- Well? That took me two years.
- Really?