Ice Princess

What do you have to gain by this?

- I'm good.
- So, what are you saying?

You wanna just blow off
our whole plan for you,

chuck the scholarship
and become a professional athlete?

Case, what is the shelf life
on an ice-skater?

Eight years?
And then a few years
touring with Has-Beens On Ice.

And that's it?
That's the end of your life?

I love it, Mom.
Case, there's no shelf life
on your mind.

If I'd learned to use mine
a little sooner,

if I'd gone to college
when I was your age,

maybe we wouldn't be living like this.
There's nothing wrong
with the way we live.

I've not been able to give you
a quarter of the things I've wanted to.

You've given me everything.
Then you need
to give me something now.

Attention, skaters!
We will be playing
classical music the entire ride.

Oh, Mom!
Unless, of course,
someone wins a trophy.

- And then its Outkast for you.
- Yeah!

And earplugs for me.
- So, we're picking up a stray.
- Hey.