Inside Deep Throat

is the seat
of sexuality in women,

l think the judge
learned a lot during the trial

as l... Look,
l--l certainly did myself.

As the judge retired
to consider his verdict,

ticket sales almost doubled,
prompting a young reporter
from the New York Times
to write an article

that would give the film
mainstream legitimacy,

(Ralph Blumenthal)
I remember
writing the article,

Uh, the--the headline
was ''Porno chic, ''

l wrote it on a typewriter.

People look
at the Times as a validator,

And they see,
if--if the Times can
write about Deep Throat,

well, then it must be safe
in some way.

The week the article
hit the stands,

the film's box office soared
as people rushed
to see the film
in record numbers,

(male reporter)
Approximately how many people
have seen Deep Throat?

1,700 people a day
have been in to see the film.

Are you looking forward
to this movie?

Yes, l am.
People from Central Park west
and Fifth Avenue
and Park Avenue

wanted to go down and see it
and go slumming.

(Xaviera Hollander)
There was a private showing,
Before I knew what happened,

there was, like,
group sex happening,
left, right, and center.

Since this is supposed to be
it of its genre,

and since it's had this piece
in the New York Times,

l might as well see it
if it's going.

what are you expecting to see?

well, uh,
you might close me down if l
said what l was going to say.

lt took porn out of the realm
of the forbidden.

why, there's nothing wrong
with a normal man

going to
a pornographic movie.

Normal, all right,
but why were you there?

You would see
movie stars there.

You would see
society people there,

l went to see Deep Throat
because l'm fond
of animal pictures.