Inside Deep Throat

[camera clicking]
The pornographic film
Deep Throat

has become
one of the most popular

and profitable blue movies
of all time.

Today, a Manhattan
criminal court judge
ruled the film obscene,

and ordered it removed
from theaters
in New York City.

[Judge Tyler reading]
A Sodom and Gomorrah
gone wild before the fire,

He believed he was writing
for posterity,

Now you and I know,
in retrospect,

that he accomplished
absolutely nothing.

[Judge Tyler reading]
I readily perform
the operation

by finding
the defendant guilty
as charged,

[projector whirring]
l still think
what the world Theatre did
on its marquee

was better than what he wrote
in his opinion.

''Throat cut, world mourns, ''
It's a picture
that'll never die,

l mean, we'll all die,
but Deep Throat won't die.

Shutting Deep Throat down
in New York

only spurred
audiences' interest
across the country,

Wherever it opened,
authorities scrambled
to shut it down,

This trash that's being shown
on our movie screens

across the country,
There isn't any question
in my mind that it's obscene.

[woman speaking]
By the mid '70s, Deep Throat
had been tried

in more than 32 cities,,,
[woman speaking]
,,,and was ultimately banned
in 23 states,

Violation of the law.
lt's a simple thing.

[siren blaring]
lt's obscene as hell to me.

Ordered to stop the spread
of Deep Throat,