Inside Deep Throat

the FBI stepped in,
They began with the arrest
of Gerry Damiano,

The first question
the prosecutor asked me:

Did l know what--
what affiliation
m-my partners had?

And I said as far as I know,
he's a Roman Catholic,

All of a sudden,
I'm--I'm part of the mob,

No. l was--
l was never a mob.

There were originally
three partners

who made the movie,
His two partners came to him,
Damiano told me,

and told him
they were buying him out.

And l said to him
that didn't sound
like a very good, uh, deal,

uh, when you're
a one-third partner
of a project

that is just, you know,
bringing in
bucket-loads of money

and you're suddenly
cut out of the deal.

Uh, why didn't he object?
And he rolled his eyes
and he wouldn't say anymore.

And the--the only thing
he told me was he didn't want
his legs broken.

No, it was easier for me
to--to say:

''l--l don't,
l don't want to have
anything to do with it.''

lt was easier.
lt was a lot easier.

lt was, kind of a--
it was, kind of a--

a thing l could not
have won.

That's about as far as
l could go with it.

Damiano wasn't alone,

Across the country,
theater owners discovered

exhibiting Deep Throat
also meant

running with the mob,
One day,
l pick up the New York Times,

and in it,
it says it is very chic

to see Deep Throat.
So that gave me an idea
to see if l can get
the picture for Florida.

I knew one of the men

that was connected
with the picture,