Into the Blue

Come on, pool is closed, everyone.
Out of the water.

Stow that gear and get out of here.
Get these divers out of the water.
Let's go, let's go. Come on, back here.

- Taking too long.
- Watch your step. Here you go.

- Assholes and elbows, that's all.
- You all right?

Where's that fat guy's weight belt?
That's coming out of your pay, Jared.

Would you shut up for two seconds?
If I wanted that kind of lip,
I'd drop my fly. Let's go.

What about my weight belt?
Those are 60 bucks a pop.

You want me to take that out
of your paycheck?

I'll tell you what, Bob.
I got him in, you get him out.

Here at the Atlantis, we have the
largest marine habitat in the world.

The nurse sharks in this habitat
grow up to 14 feet...

... and feed differently
than most other sharks.

They suck in their prey
with one powerful inhalation...

... and they swallow it
pretty much whole.

- Do you guys hear that?
- Yeah.

Did you ever get bit?
Yeah, Gina here got a little too frisky
with me one day last year.

But for the most part, shark attacks are
just a simple case of mistaken identity.

Hey, Boone.
What's your daddy up to?