Into the Blue

Yeah, we're out of here.
Jared, what about this?
- What-y-what-what?
- Come on, Amanda, don't be stupid.

- Oh, we're not gonna get caught.
- You're right, we're not.

Come on. It's for us.
Come on, relax.

- I am.
- We'll save it for a rainy day.

- Or a rainy month.
- Come on, seriously.

- Maybe a sunny day?
- Let me see it real quick.

Hey, Sam. Come here.
Hey. Wait, wait.

Come here, come here.
Sam, Sam, stop.

Let's just let the defense present
its case for a second.

- All right.
- I don't do drugs.

- I hate drugs.
- Sure.

But throwing this away, I don't know.
Maybe I object. Silly, right?

Throwing it away,
doesn't it seem silly?

Throwing it in the...
In the ocean?

- Trash?
- Wait, let me see this.

I think, you know, it would be...
What are you doing?

It's going away.
- Really?
- Yeah.

Wow, that's intense.
That's a new boat, Jared.
That's a new b...
Threw away a new boat. Okay.

- We're out of here.
- Threw a new boat into the ocean.

You guys are a lot of fun.
You're gonna keep this,
though, right?

Yep. Jackass.
Okay, good.
What do you think, Jared? You think
there's more treasure down there?

- Big storms bring big treasure.
- Oh, good. What does that mean?

What she's saying is that hurricanes
like the one that came through here...

...sometimes what they do is they sift
stuff out that's been buried.

Good, so we go back tomorrow
and we dig.

Not if we report that plane crash.
The place will turn
into a crime scene.

Coast Guard, DEA. They'll be all over
it and we'll never get near it again.

What happened to
"finders keepers, losers weepers"?

The law down here
doesn't play by those rules.

See, the thing of it is,
you have to file a claim.

In order to file a claim,
you have to identify the wreck.

We have to be able to name
what it was and where it came from.

So like I keep saying, we go down
tomorrow and we dig and we find out.

- What about the plane?
- What about the plane?