CHA Seung-hee, age 17.
Ajunior at Young-Mun High School.
She's CHA's only child.
Our plan is to put her under
around the clock surveillance.

The moment CHA contacts her,
we'll get him.

Thank you.
You're kidding right?
- Pardon me?
- Around the clock?

Are you talking about installing
damn cameras everywhere?

How would you watch her 24 hours?
Use your head,
and think of something!

Now that's using your head!
Uncle, you can't be serious?
Don't call me uncle.
This is official business.

Alright, SIR!
Me going undercover
as a high school student?

Do you really think this will work?
This is your assignment.
Make the impossible POSSIBLE!

You gotta be kidding!
You know how much
I hated school!

It's hell. How could
you make me go back?

Everyday the same boring routine,
study, study, and more studying!

Study? What do you
know about studying?

You don't even know
how to spell 'study'!

You hated studying, books!
And what did you wind up being in school?

The leader of the school gang.
That was a long time ago.
And I'm not going back to school, period.