Kebab Connection

Come! Come!
You're good, great youngman
with bright future!

We're all proud of you! come here!
Ladys and gentlement,
This is Ibrahim Secmez

The Director of this commercial!
He is genius! Also my nephew!
Hakan, You work
in the newspaper office right!

Come on, take a few pictures!
Do you wanna film comedy
or serious short film?

- No, my first plot has been finished
- What's it called?

"Kung Fu king with yellow fir"
This small commercial for my uncle
is just a small try

I'm going to make
the first German KungFu movie!

Of course! I discovered him!
I've already become the most famous man
in this area when I was 40.

Remember what I said!
Come on! You've done great!
Soon the Greek next door will be closing

then go home for the pasture!
Did you saw it, Klitoris?
eh...Son of Kirianis...

- Uncle, whats wrong?
- You should say,
is there nothing happened?

I'm amazed that only our family
got such high fame! Otherwise...
Germans can only eat sausage everyday!

But those savages with fat brains
and intestine came here!

But now everyone is chewing things
without nuitrion at all