Land of the Dead

It's like he's
talking to them.

Let's go.
[Speaking Spanish]
A whole lot of trash
this week.
That's life, bro.

Whole lot of trash,
trick is not
to get in with it.

You any good with that, kid?
Because I'm real good
with mine.

Put it away, Charlie.
Don't be so jumpy, kid.

What are you doing?
Watching your back.
I don't like it when
you go off without me.

I told you
to get things ready.
I got things ready...

then I come
to watch your back.

Christ! This is like
a bad dream.

I have bad dreams.
Hell, yes. Just look at me,
you can tell
I have terrible dreams.

Riley, what's your 20?
We checked out the town.
There's plenty of supplies,
but a lot of walkers.
Where's Cholo?

He dumped the trash,
and he's on his way back.

We're ready to go in.

Put some flowers
in the graveyard.

"Flowers in the graveyard."
Why do you
call them that, Riley?

I don't get it.
These here flowers
ain't the kind you lay down
on the ground.

These here are sky flowers,
way up in heaven.

That's why I love you,
Charlie. Because you still
believe in heaven.

Lord, yeah.
I mean, look.