Land of the Dead

My own goddamn place.
You're dreaming, Cholo.
They won't let you in there.

They wouldn't let me in there.
We're the wrong kind.

Yeah, well, we'll see.
(male announcer on TV)
Isn't it time?

Isn't it your time?
For Fiddler's Green?

DeMora, supplies unit.
What's in them boxes?
Essential supplies.

For Kaufman.
Mark your calendars.
Mr. Kaufman
cordially invites...

residents of the Green
to a masked ball...

on the eve of Allhallows.
It is strictly forbidden
to come as you are.

It's expensive. Look at that.
You like it?
I could tell.
Can I ask you to stop, sir?
Quitting time, Deke.
You're going to need this
to get back in.

When I said quitting time,
I meant quitting time.

Hey, baby
"The only way to the Father,
is through me,"
sayeth the Lord.

So, Riley, you want
to go get a drink?

Just look at me.
You can tell
I could use a drink.

You know, Charlie,
why don't you go ahead?

I'll catch up.
Where are you going?

I got to see a man
about a car.

A car?