Land of the Dead

The one that got away.
That's right.
Remember you said
we should talk
when I was less excited?

I'm a lot less excited
right now.

What do you want, Mr. DeMora?
You might have noticed
that I had to leave
in a hurry...

so I didn't get a chance
to take my money
out of your bank.

I'd like you to handle
that withdrawal for me.

With interest: $5 million.
Or I'm gonna blow you
out of your fucking castle.

Because I got Dead Reckoning.
That's unfortunate.
Well, unfortunate for you,

I want you to put that money
on a boat...

and send it across the river
to the South Side,
10th Street Pier.

One man to drive the boat,
no more.

You have till midnight,
that's two and a half hours.

I won't be there,
and Dead Reckoning
won't be there.

But I'll know if it happens,
and I'll know
if it doesn't happen.

In a world where the dead
are returning to life...

the world "trouble"
loses much of its meaning.

He wants money.
Pay him.

We don't negotiate
with terrorists.

We have other options.
Denbo. Give me Denbo.
Get up. You're coming with me.
Where you taking him?
Don't worry.

Where are you taking him?
You take care of him?
Hell, yeah.