Land of the Dead

Can't believe you guys
are turning me
into a fucking boy scout.

Not a boy.
You don't have to come out
if you don't want to.

I didn't say that.
Some shit, though,
going out
to save Kaufman's ass.

I'm not doing this
for Kaufman.

This is for the people
in the city.

What do you think's
going to happen to them
if Cholo shells the Green?

Okay. I'm with you.
No, I like the ones
I already got.

This piece
fires 14 rounds a second.

I don't normally need
that many.

I don't normally
talk to retards.

Pretty easy to make fun
of some people, huh?

I could make
a whole lot of fun out of you.

I'll take this one.
He thinks
he's taking care of you.

He does.
Without his guns,
I'd be dead by now.

Without you,
he'd be dead by now.

Fair trade.
Riley, these guys are coming.
Gentlemen and lady.
Mr. Kaufman thought
you could use some support.

Don't need any.
Nevertheless. Manolete.

named after the bullfighter.

You can call me Motown.