Layer Cake

Drinks are on me. Drinks for everyone.
Fucking good gear and all.

But I've come unstuck in my attempts
to provide a spectacle for my chums.

Jimmy, as usual
on the look out for titbits,

has met the development minister
of some tin-pot republic.

They're trawling the West
for investments.

They have vast natural resources.
Quite an investment for the right man.

They've sent in men from Timbuktu
explaining all the details.

Profits, shares, long-term investments,
short-term investments.

They've even made him an honorary
citizen. Even made him one of the tribe.

What we didn't know,
until it all ended in tears,

was that the hard-line
communist insurgents

who control the country
outside the mining areas...

Bad news about our little venture, Jim.
The communists have broken through.
Heading for the capital
with little resistance.

What the fuck are you on about?
I got word they were planning a push.
The final coup de grĂ¢ce. I told Jimmy.
- It's all over.
- Fuck's sake!

- Keep your voice down.
- Get my money out quick, now.

As if it was some little kiddie's
piggy bank.

Now, I explained that wasn't possible.
We thought we'd bought a government.

Maybe someone made a better offer.
Forget about it.

You win some, you lose some.
How much are we talking?
It's only a cheeky half-mill, Jim.
- It's much more than that.
- How much?

- 13.
- 13 what?

- 13 million pounds. I'm fucked.
- Have you gone fucking mad?

13 million pounds!
How could you be so fucking stupid?

You've been right grafted,
royally turned over.

- Like some Yank buying London Bridge.
- Don't talk to me like that.

He accused me of instigating it.
It's no coincidence
I met them at your tournament.