Mad Hot Ballroom

- Good morning, class.
- Good morning, Mr. Rodney!

Thank you very much. Can I have
everybody standing up straight?

Standing up nice and tall,
like you're about to enter a ballroom.

Which is what you're about to do.
Show me some imagination, all right?
Here we go.

Ladies and gentlemen,
please enter the ballroom...

and create a circle.
Enter the ballroom and create a circle.
Feet together.
All right.
Do you know what I'm gonna do
just because I want to be in style...

and I want to look like everybody else?
I'm gonna do this.
Oh, my God.
How would you like it
if I taught class like this?

- Does it look nice? Does it look stylish?
- No.

No, right? It looks pretty bad, doesn't it?
All right. So, can I have the gentlemen
tuck their shirts in, please?

Can I have the gentlemen
tuck their shirts in, please?

You don't have to
take off your pants to do it.

One, two, pronounce: Merengue.
Who knows what country
merengue came from?

- Italy?
- Okay.

- Dominican Republic.
- Absolutely. What's your name?

Dominican Republic, ladies and gentlemen.
Gentlemen, take your partner, please.
Elbows together. Okay, make yourself taller.
Very good, very good.
It's okay, it's okay. He will help you.
- I don't know how...
- He'll remember. Let me help you.