Mad Hot Ballroom

Ladies, please.
Good. Very good girl.
Sometimes we feel uncomfortable...
when Alex comes to dance with us.
- Why?
- 'Cause he's older.

He's, like, 50 years old!
One thing that's really annoying is,
this is especially if you're a girl...

is if your partner doesn't know
the dance very well...

and they're supposed to lead.
And it's just kind of like...
They don't do anything!
- Sometimes I feel them pull...
- Sometimes you pull us!

- Yeah, but they go the wrong way.
- Sometimes you guys go the wrong way.

Sometimes you guys go the wrong way, too.
How do you think we will feel
by the time competition is here?

Three of us thought we would be
nervous and excited and stuff.

And then Richard got up
and just killed himself.

- What?
- Richard said he'd kill himself.

So, Richard, what made you
say something like that?

'Cause I don't like ballroom dancing.
I'll kill myself so I don't have to go.
You know, why do you dislike
ballroom dancing so much?

Because I don't like it.
So now that competition
has been brought up...

how do you guys feel about this?
If you practice a lot,
you're practicing a-lot-lot, and it's like...

"Oh, yeah, I'm really doing well,
I'm probably going to get in. "

Then you find out you're not getting in.
Then you're, like, really sad that you've done
all this practice, but you didn't get in.

We have to make sure that...
when we are chosen for the competition...
that the people who are chosen...
don't boast and brag about it
'cause it's gonna make the other people...

feel like they're worthless.
So, I just wanted to say that.
Five, six, ready, go.
Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.
Slow, quick, quick, slow.
Slow, quick, quick, in.
In, and out, around. Slow, around.
I can't.