Mad Hot Ballroom

Ladies and gentlemen.
Now, let us to announce...
who will represent P.S. 150.
Zeb and Celia.
Willie and Briana.
Nile and Emma.
Joshua and Tara.
Richard and Quana.
And Cyrus and Jaoke.
Okay, since we scored so high
in last year's competition...

we're going straight to the semifinals.
I don't know who yet.
But, you know, you'll know soon enough.
So I want to see who looks...
You know, I want to see the old partners.

I want to see new kids with old kids...
and let's see how that works out.
I want to see some chemistry,
I want to see...

you know, if you look better
with another person.

You know, you have to, like, deserve it,
and you have to win.

Win... This is not, like, you know, I can
misbehave and then just not, you know...

Okay. Jonathan.
You're here on a trial basis.
You did something very wrong.
And I think that you should say
something in front of everybody.

Or else you're not practicing.
You decide how bad you want it.
It's not funny.

Is it happening?
Or you can just leave right now.

I'm sorry.
- No, not like that, like...
- Sorry about what?

- Go ahead.
- I'm sorry.

Wilson, he's talking to you.
Take off your jacket.
No, it's only us two. No.
Five, six, ready, begin.