Mad Hot Ballroom

I wanna, like, you know, be a dancer.
Yeah, exactly. As a career.
Like, I wanna be a singer who acts...
and dances during her concerts.
You know, just combine them all together.
It all happens there.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are now
going to go to Cuba for the rumba!

Five, six, ready, go!
Quick, quick, slow.
You feel like even if you're gonna lose,
you've gotten this far. You're this good.

So it shows that you're actually good
at something...

and that you've proved something.
It's not that I want to prove something
to anyone.

I wanted to prove it to myself,
that I can actually do this.

Let's see. Okay, over here.
Let's check over here. Girls, over here.
That's cute.
It's nice, but I don't like this.
- Do you like it, yes or no?
- No.

- Why not, why not?
- It's too glittery.

It's too much.
Do you like this one? I don't like black.
What you got there?
Let me see.