we simply took your
little corner to heaven.

- Welcome to Madagascar!
- Madawhoa?

- What?
- Not whoa. Gascar.

- Marty. It's...
- It's just like my meadow. Back at the zoo.

- No fellow. That is the real deal right there.
- I think that is not a bad view.

I mean that's the thing that
you were always looking at,

but it's actually there,
that's like the real version of...

How about a run?
Let's get our blood pumping,

get those lungs breathing at all
this fresh air, who's with me?

Ah, no. I really I don't
think I can. You're at!

Hey! Wanna play around?
- Got you there!
- Come here!

Hey, stop that!
Hey, you're crazy!

Okay Marty, I'm at.
- I'm at, you win.
- Come on, Alex. Get in the groove.

I haven't eaten in two days.
My blood sugar is real low.

- I just don't have the energy.
- I don't think that's your problem.

First of all that's not
how you run in the wild.

Let's go man! Put your rubber to the roll!
You just have to let up that inner lion!
- Now, who's the cat?
- Marty, I really don't...

You are! That's who!
Come on, here we go!

That's it. Now let's
build up some steam!

- You're the cat.
- Who's the cat?

Who's the cat?
Who's the cat?

Who's the cat?
Who's the cat?

I'm the cat!
You're at! You're at!
Can't you get. Cat's too quick.