Me and You and Everyone We Know

We can hand you tools-
a shoehorn, a nylon sock-

but we will never
touch your foot with our hands.

Now, I'll tell you what I can do.
I can press on the shoe
to see if it fits.

- I can go like this.
- Yeah, do that.

- How does that feel on the toe?
- Good.

Good. Why don't you
walk around in them?

- Did you want to try these on?
- No, I'm just driving him.

- So those are comfortable?
- I guess so.

I mean, they kind of rub my ankles,
but all shoes do that.

I have low ankles.
You think you deserve
that pain, but you don't.

- I don't think I deserve it.
- Well, not consciously maybe.

My ankles are just low.
People think foot pain
is a fact of life...

but life is actually better than that.
I'll say.
You should get some.

Your whole life could be better.
Starting right now.

I can't believe I got these shoes.
And they're exactly like my old shoes,
except they're pink.

I don't need these,
and they're not orthopedic.

But you seemed to believe
everything he said.

Yeah. I think he really knew his stuff.
He was very professional.

See, that's how gullible you are.
- You know, you meet somebody-
- Christine.

Oh, God.
Roll down your window.
We have to tell him.

No. If he stops, it'll fall off.
Even if he slows down, it'll fall.
The best thing
for that fish would be...