Me and You and Everyone We Know

- It's Peter.
- Hello?

Oh, no. Really?
Well, did you call your mom?

Oh, right. Damn.
Well, can you make it through the day,
Petey? Are you barfing?

Okay. Okay, let's see here.
I don't get off until 6:00, and we
are just slammed here. It's a sale day.

But don't worry.
Someone will come and get you.

This is why we have neighbors.
We're part of a community, Peter.

Does your mom make you do that?
No, this is my own towel.
I bought it with my own money.
I have the whole set.

See, this is the bath sheet...
and this is the hand towel...
and this is the washcloth.
- Isn't the washcloth cute?
- Yeah.

When they hang on the rack,
they go like this.

I only have one set...
but I think I'm going to get
the other two for Christmas.

What is all that stuff?
When I get married, all this stuff will
belong to my husband and my daughter.

Everything I have here
will be theirs.

All of it. It's my dowry.
This is called a hope chest.
Or trousseau in French.