Me and You and Everyone We Know

So Peter was barfing?
I asked the neighbor
woman to go get him.

It's like how they say it takes
a village to raise a child.

If you'll excuse me,
this is a private call.

So Robby's old enough
to walk home alone?

Shit lords!
There's no answer.
Robby loves to answer the phone.
If he was there, he'd be answering it.

Maybe Peter went out
looking for Robby.

Yeah, see, this is why you don't
want a village raising your kid...

because there's sketchy
parts of the village...

and some of the villagers
are junkies and child molesters.

I gotta go. Tell Sven that
Robby's missing and I had to go.

Thanks for calling.
For customer service or furniture
or mattress delivery inquiries, press 4.

For bridal registry, press 6.
- Mann res-
- Is Robby here?

- Mann residence. May I help you?
- Is Robby here?

No. If you didn't know me,
would you think I was really this tall...

or would you think I was
standing on something?