Mobsters and Mormons

We got Carmine "The Beans" Pasquale
and his crew

with Jimmy Amoroso in the trunk.
I think we're the ones
that get a big gift.

Attention: Crappy Mart shoppers,
the store is closed.

Oh, what is this?
You, let's go.
I'm buying smokes.
Smokin'll kill you or I will.
Now beat it.
What's going on?
Where's the safe?
- You robbing me?
- No, that's already been done.

We're here to take back what's ours.
Jimmy, I thought you told me
those were gifts for your old lady.

I want you guys to know I didn't
have nothin' to do with of this.

Just doing my part to reach out.
Aw, you broke my safe, dog!
Oh gees.
FBI! Freeze!
I'm not doin' nuthin'.
All right. Okay.
Look, Carmine, kidnapping,
accessory to a jewelry heist,

coupled out with your rap sheet,
you're looking at 20 years.

Unless you want to play ball.
I could do 20 years
standing on my head, boys.

As I'm sure you could.
You know, Carmine,
I've got to be honest,

we're amazed that you slipped.
It's devastating.

If Angelo Marcello is worried
you'll talk, he might hear

you're upset about getting
passed over for promotion.

You know how rumors fly.
Like rockets.