Please, take this.
Modi, have you given thought
of the competition?

The prize gives a lot of money.
The whole Paris is dreaming
of the day.

You and Picasso
compete together.

Yes, me and Picasso.
You said something
about a show?

It's not much of a show.
It's more of a favor.

Pablo has offered to hang one of
your paintings in his exhibition.

A favor?
Pablo Picasso is doing
Modigliani a favor?

- What's the matter with you?
- You have to care now.

It is your family
with Jeanne.

You wanna do me a favor?
- I need money for a doctor.
- No, Modi, please.

I need money
for a doctor.

Promise me you'll not
drink it all away.

Okay, take your picture.
What if the doctor drinks?
Am I dying?
You said you had tuberculosis
as a child.

But I feel much better now.
It never left you.
You can dress now.
Your lungs are working with
less than half their capacity.

If you continue to use
drugs and alcohol...

you will not live
past this year.

This medicine will help
your cough.