Bravo, Modigliani!
They're exquisite.
Jeanne, great Jeanne.
Mrs. Veil,
you're the organizer?

You know I am.
You live just across the street.

You shall remove a painting
from your gallery window.

I will do not.
Como back with this tomorrow.
If you don't remove
the paintings...

my men will do it for you.
And we'll close down the show.
This is outrageous.
Are they pictures of your mother,
your sister?

Do as he says.
Do as he says.
Why, Modi?
I'm impressed.
By the way, I hope
you won't be offended...

the painting you gave me
as a gift...

the one Jeanne brought me...
the other night I was
inspired by something...

a felt hat.
Yes, a felt hat.

I didn't have a canvas.
It was 4 in the morning.

Make your point, Spanish.
I used your painting.
Do you forgive me?