That's wonderful.
Not to worry,
I'm in complete control.
Ruby! Ruby,
my dear old friend.

Oh, I'm so happy
to see you.

Well, good,
they still have you medicated.

Ruby, I figured it out.
- Life, I mean.
- Oh, this ought to be good.

It's not about how many celebrities
I interview or what my ratings are.

- It's about relationships and family.
- Oh!

Me and my son.
Oh, I just spoke to Kevin.
- Did you get the tickets?
- Sure did. Right here.

He's going
to be so surprised.

Yeah, the three of you
should have a good time.

- Three?
- Yeah, uh, you, Kevin

- and his new girlfriend.
- New girlfriend?

That's a lovely surprise.
Is it?
Well, I mean,
it can't be too serious.

I've only been away
a few months.

Well, that's
the end of it.

Where do you want me
to put this?

Oh, under the bed.
Uh, you sure you don't want me
to put it by the door so you can

make a quick escape to the apartment you
still have for some reason?

Now come on. You agreed to me
subletting my apartment.

I would have agreed to anything
to get you to move in here.

Oh, these are great.
Are they new?

Oh, no!
You can't look at those!

- 'Cause they're not finished yet.
- Oh, sorry.

- Okay? Please?
- Okay.

Here, I'll put them back.
I forgot to tell you, we're having lunch
with my mom tomorrow.

Lt'll be fine.
I promise.

You want
to take a shower?

Yeah! Okay!