But I thought your mom
said this was a barbecue.

Oh my God. It looks like she's invited
everyone I've ever known.

And they're all
in black tie.

Oh, there's my mom.

How was the trip?

- Welcome.
- I'm sorry.

- I didn't know this was a formal party.
- Well, that's because

I have something for you.
I bought you a new dress.

Oh, see?
There's a dress upstairs.

- Thank you.
- Besides, you look great in anything.

Exactly. You always look
so clean and shiny.

Oh, Kevin, your tuxedo
is upstairs in your room.

But first I want you to meet
some friends. Come.

- Prince Amir.
- Can I change first?

- This is Sarah. Kevin.
- You know Kevin.

And this is Charlie.
She's a temp.

Charlie, this is the man that introduced the
euro to the global market.

- Mr. Prime Minister.
- Viola.

Oh, Marie. You know my son,
but this is Charlie.

- Very good to meet you.
- So nice to meet you.

- She's a temp.
- Yeah.

I worked in a bank once.
Oh, look! There's
the Poet Laureate and...

oh, Charlie, first I want you to meet
the Secretary of Commerce.

Viola, please let me
change first.

I don't want to meet her
in my flip-flops.

Of course, of course. Ruby, would
you show Charlie to the guest room?

- Come on, Charlie.
- Thank you. Thank you.

Oh my...
it's vintage.
Oh, Fiona.
- You look stunning.
- Thank you. So do you.

My goodness.
Kevin just went up
to his old room.

- Why don't you go say hello to him?
- I'd love to.

Good girl.