Can I get another salad
without the nuts?

- I have allergies.
- Okay.

I'm allergic to nuts,
and eggs, and shellfish,

and blueberries.
Oh... and soy.

It's amazing you've been able
to nourish yourself all these years.

Oh, yeah!
The cake!

I'm thinking traditional vanilla
with strawberry drizzle.

Look, Viola, I really do
have all of this under control.

I made this for you.
It's your wedding planner book.

Is that a picture
of me and Kevin?

Oh, and... present time
from your new mama!

It's big! You can see
the thorns on the roses.

You'll wear it on your wedding day,
just like I did.

Of course I was
a virgin when I wed.

But we'll just pretend
with you.

Now, about the wedding...
the two of you are going to arrive
in a horse and carriage.

And the driver's top-hat
will match the horse's saddles,

and the ribbons
on the doves

that will be released
at the exact moment

of "I do," hmm?
And I've been in touch
with your bridesmaids.

How do you know
their names?

Well, Kevin told me.
And I think for the honeymoon

St. Bart's is the absolute
best place for you to go

- 'cause Kevin adores it.
- Hey, just hold on!

Just wait
a minute, okay?

Thank you, but no.
Thank you,
but no to everything.

No to the horse
and buggy.

No to the top-hats,
and to the doves and geese

and any other farm animals
you're thinking of using that day.

And definitely no to you
planning our honeymoon.

- What?
- Oh no.

I can... oh!
- Oh oh!
- What's wrong?