Must Love Dogs

:40:00 crazy people, and you passed.
So maybe we could see
each other again.

What do you say?
You want to give me another chance?

l had a couple of icebreakers,
l even had a few stories for you,
anecdotes, but l forgot them all,

-l think it might be that dress,
-My sister Carol made me buy it,

l love Carol,
-Well, this is a very charming place,

-Good food?
-No, not particularly,

But l like the ambiance,
l come here because l know the owners,
the Parseghians, that couple over there,

-See? They're waving,
-They want us to join them,

A few years ago, in a moment
of blazing clarity,,,

,,,l forswore ethnic folk dancing, so,,,,
They'll come over and say hello
and maybe-- How are you? Hi!

-How are you?

Nice, right?
-Sarah, Mr, and Mrs, Parseghian,

-Welcome, Sarah,
-Thank you,

See you later, We'll drink,

-You speak Armenian,
-A little bit,

Well, what did you say?
l asked him, ''Where is the youth hostel?''
lt's all l remember,

Kind of a joke we have,
What is it that you do, exactly?
God, no wonder l live alone,
l build boats,
You know, these handcrafted
wooden sculls,,,

-,,,rowing, The racing ones,
-Yeah, Really?

Yeah, Yep,
-Does anyone buy those?
-Nope, Not yet,

Everybody wants all these high-tech,,,
,,,fiberglass, you know, no turbulence,
Where's the fun in that ride?
l don't know,

-But they'll come around,
-Don't count on me, l get seasick,

-ln the bathtub,