No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

People were starting to play little gigs
in these coffeehouses in the Village.

We called them basket houses.
We didn't get paid a dime but we would
pass a little bread basket around...

after the set
and people would throw change in...

and then we'd pack up our guitars
and go round to the next club.

They'd put the singers on in between
beat poets to turn the house, essentially.

So you'd get...
three songs, you could sing three songs.
And what it came down to is...
if at the end of your three songs
there was still anybody seated...

in the house, you were fired.
You weren't doing your job.

Needless to say, we didn't get fired.
That we could do.

When we played in the city,
who was the audience?

Who were those people walking
up and down MacDougal Street?

There was a lot of them.
Some were people from the suburbs
coming in to look at the weird scene.

Some were from the city
looking at the weird scene.

Some were the weird scene.
It was never clear that this was the audience
and this was the singer.

Because maybe half the audience
if they had their druthers...

they'd be up on the stage singing as well.
It was very interesting.