No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

Then a message came
that I was supposed to come in there.

So I came into the room
and everybody was sitting there...

totally stone-cold silent, frozen, paranoid.
Not quite knowing my place, knowing Bob...
I sat down on the side of his armchair.
John Lennon said snidely,
"Why don't you sit a little closer?"

I suddenly realized they were just so naive,
they were young.

So I actually, I fell over laughing
on to John's lap...

looking up at him and asked him,
"Do you ever read William Blake?"

He said, "Never heard of him".
And his wife said, "Oh, John, stop lying".

Then everybody began laughing,
and then the scene sort of broke up.

You know, the ice was broken.
It stuck me as funny
that these guys at the summit of power...

spiritual power, musical power,
world fame...

'65, May... June...
were so unsure...
of their minds and speech.
It interested me just to watch Dylan.
I could sort of see
that things that he did and said...

were interesting to me.
And I didn't know why, and so that got me
hooked on making a movie.

- Do you really like that song?
- Yeah, it's fantastic.

- What do you like about it?
- I just...

I don't like any of the
Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Oh, you're that kind of...
Okay, see, I understand right now.

When we'd go into a town,
there would be no sign...

and there would be people,
kind of, just hanging out at the steps...

waiting for him to...
And not waiting to crowd around
or see him or get his autograph.

Just waiting for him.
And it gave you a feeling that there
was some substance that you had to really...

see through, that you weren't
going to find out about this quickly.

But you had to kind of see it
the way they did.

In the dime stores and bus stations
People talk over situations
Read books and repeat quotations