No Direction Home: Bob Dylan

selfish statement, basically,
and it was, you know, it was not...

Better World A-Coming, you know,
it was not that.

Let's go, man. That's all.
I thought he would go out and play
some other stuff by himself and then...

we'd come out and play these three songs.
But we just came out
and played these three songs and then...

he said, "Goodnight".
And we'd been out there
for a total of 15 minutes...

and everybody else had played for an hour.
So that was pretty weird.
And he was the headliner.

Bobby, can you do another song, please?
He's going to get his axe.
He's coming.
Bobby was terribly shaken
and I ran backstage...

and he said to me,
"What have you done to me?"

Peter Yarrow came out and said,
"Okay, everybody calm down...

"Bob's gone to get his acoustic guitar".
And everybody...
The highway is for gamblers
better use your sense
Take what you have gathered
from coincidence
The empty-handed painter from your streets
Is drawing crazy patterns
on your sheets
The sky, too, is folding over you
And it's all over now
Baby Blue