North Country

Need an autographed hockey puck?
- Got a hundred of them out here.
- I need a lawyer.

I wanna sue the mine.
The company. All of them.

Well, good luck with that.
I'm saying I wanna hire you.
Sorry, don't do that anymore.
That sucks, because you're
the only lawyer I ever met.

Well, the good news is,
all roads lead to lawyers.

Tell you what.
I will buy you a beer, though.

I don't need a beer.
I need a lawyer.
Look, Josey, the illusion is that
all your problems are solved in a courtroom.

The reality is that even
when you win, you don't win.

I know, but I'm right.
I'm sure you are, but right
has nothing to do with the real world.

Look at Anita Hill. Because she's you.
You think you're outgunned at the mine,
wait till you get to a courtroom.

It's called the "nuts and sluts defense."
You're either nuts and you imagined it,
or a slut and you asked for it.

Either way, it's not pleasant.
Take my advice. Find another job.
Start over.

I don't have any start-over left.
- Look, you're a beautiful girl...
- Yeah, I'm a beautiful girl.