Paradise Now

He decided to open the door by himself.
Shout, " You were too late".
Listen to me Sa'ed.
Decided to retaliate for the leader Abu Hazem murder.
..and son of Um Jaber,
Who was killed in the shelling.

We organized for a martyrdom operation in Tel Aviv tomorrow.
You and Khaled were chosen for this mission.

As you were asked.
Tomorrow for sure?
- Yes . What have you decided? Are you ready?
- yeah, sure. If god wants.

You got this night to spend it with your family.
Don't forget, none have to notice anything.
Of course.
I'll still with you till you get out of Nablus.
- Are you glad?
- yes. Thanks to god.

Why did you late?
The situation is risky .I get worried about you
Welcome, Jamal.

''Why did you late? The situation is risky.
I get worried about you!''

If was me whom get late.
You were hung me at the wall.
.. and tied me with the dog
Even if it was the first time.

Close you mouth!
-How are you, Jamal?
- fine, thankful for god.

How is it going in school?
The work with the kids is a good thing

We do our best.
The education is important.

Please sit down!
Thanks my son.
Take off my t-shit!
You toke the best one
To the work?

I didn't notice that.
Jamal will spend this night here, mother.
The road for Sabastia was closed.

Welcome Jamal
Consider it your house.

- put it off! Right now!
- Stop it!