Paradise Now

Don't boast too much
You haven't found a new job yet.

But tell me!
How did you get the permission?
Do they giving it
To whom at your age?

They start doing that
And Jamal has acquaintance.

God bless you Jamal!
What is going on there? Khaled
- What is going on?
- Enough ! You are driving her crazy.

By the way. Did you brought the stuff
I told you about?

- Have you eaten well?
- Yes. Thanks a lot

Please if you allow to me to stay here tonight
All roads to Sabastia were closed.

You are welcome
Consider it your house.

What is that bullshit?
I told you, you could stay.

Will you give me the saltcellar?
Here, Jamal?
"Witness were mentioned
That the enemy forces"

'Were pervaded to the Eldowar area
In the middle of town"

"Then broke the houses in, and embarked
Firing the sound and tear bombs"

"Leading to injuring lots of citizens"...
Thank you madam!
It is so delicious.

God protect you.
Have you changed the water filter? Mom?
The water was good without it!
Can you shout you mouth up?