Paradise Now

You become. Look like your dad
Very much, Sa'ed

Damn't! Come drink you coffee.
Tell me about my dad!
How he was..?

What's wrong with you today?
Is that right as they were saying he was?
Forget. The past is past.
God rest his soul.
Sa'ed, I want you make sure of one thing
What your dad did was for us!

The story is...
The life is changing.
But god will stay as he is.

And you will see that.
Oh my godness!
Your future is clean
Oh! You worried me!
Don't you want to grow up?

Good morning.
Good morning, Jamal.
- Come, the coffee is read.
- No, thanks I have to go.

The question is: what would you do
When the justice and freedom threatened.

When both of them are threatened
The one have to protect them.

Because in case. Giving up for
The natural low the strong eat the poor.

.. we will back to animal rank
This unacceptable.