Paradise Now

Accept the death
Than the inferiority.

Who wants to fight for the threatened freedom
May martyr for it, Sa'ed.
You'll change things believe me.
- Alsalam Alekom.
- Walekom Alsalam.

(means: peace= hello)

- Welcome, Jamal.
- thanks.

- every thing allright?
- yes.

Our turn has come.
In the name of merciful god...
..God said in his holy book:
"If you were hit by calamity
The people have the same thing also"

"and these days alternate it between the people"
.."And may god know whom believed
And chose martyrs from you"

"And god doesn't like the unjust"
"Our god is truthful."
Retaliation from the occupation
And its serial crimes.

Continuation in option of resisting
I decide to do
A martyrdom operation

We have no more choice to struggle
Israel considers the even and partnership
With the Palestinians

In one democratic state
Suicide for Jews state.

And is doesn't' accept to even the tow states
..for tow people, although it's not an equal even
..for Palestinians.
Wants to accept the occupation as
Lasting option otherwise or to disappear