Paradise Now

It's a great honor for you from god.
If god wants. After you get to the paradise.
We will manage every thing
And will commemorate of yours every year. Like heroes
Do you order anything?
I was want to.
To be my family's life better
If they get harmed or something.

And to hang photos of Sa'ed and me at every wall.
Don't worry Khaled.
Your family is ours also, and will look after them.
This operation will be the first
One after tow years of severance

We tired of preparing it.
We'll surprise the whole world with it.
We didn't choose you by chance.
Because we assure of your abilities
And what you'll do with the enemy.
Our heart and souls with you.
Proud of you.
Wow! The legend man by himself.
This belt contact with stop button,
A new technique and new system.

But when it get tied, you can't rid of it
But us, we can do that.

So any attempt of removing it
Will explode automatically.

If the soldiers find out your reality.
The first thing they will do is trying to shot you.
But you can explode before they got you
By pulling this cable, here

If they find you out. Try to kill
As much as possible of soldiers and cops.

I warn you. They don't making
Any risks.