Paradise Now

Even if they suspect just a little.
That you have explosives,
Will get you down from long-range.

Try to be faster than them by
Pulling this cable, understood?

In the other side of boundary.
:37:44 will meet a guy his nickname Abu Shabab.
Will drive you to the chosen position.
There one of you makes it first.
After 15 minutes the turn of the second one will come
By that the results will be more satisfied.
After 15 soldiers and cops will crowd the place.
The second will get them down.
This is really a good operation.
This is money and blue ID for people
Are existences.

Memorize the data.
If you asked you where are you going?
Let the answering to Abu Shabab.

Or if asked you about roads in Tel Aviv,
Tell them we came from Jerusalem going to wedding.

Wedding of whom?
Doesn't matter.
What matter is not to fear from them?
Don't be afraid to look at their eyes
Look at them always.

Remember that you got the control
And the power

Because you got their life.
So stay calm all the time.
Don't forget the soldier who finds out you
Is a dead.

He won't profit anything
If he knew.

Because he fear from the death, if you don't
Fear from the death you can rule the life over.

And if he insist to check you up.
Let him.

..check you up at the gates of heaven.
Then we will see who will checked up,
Let him there to god.

More one thing.