Paradise Now

Sure man. After one hour we will be heroes.
We will be up at god
With the stars.

We have talked about this before.
Don't you say they didn't leave for us another choice.

- We are vulnerable to be killed. Waiting for our turn.
- I know, I know.

But isn't there another way?
- What is wrong with you? Afraid?
- No, at all.

Just question.
You will know soon.
You can't figure the life out
Is that right. Before you dead.
Will see your life quickly at videotape?
Do you thing that is right?
I'm with you.
Come on. Let's go
Why did you dirty the suits?
It's ok, Abu Alshabab has arrived, and his nickname is that
Israelian, Toke a lot of money
But can't speak Arabic.

Can you speak English with him?