Paradise Now

If they got all best king of filters in the world.
Won't clean the polluting which
Colonists made in the water.

"And now with a roundup news"
Do you know what they found in water?
Can you please...?
- No , I don't?
- you don't?

They found thing harms men.
You know, in your sexual life.

You know what? I swear if they found.
Sneaks poison won't harm with us.
I have 5 kids.
The operation was postponed
They might look for us now.

I know Sa'ed since childhood
He can't betray us.

There is something wrong!
Every thing were organized so tightly
Something wrong is going on.
Anyway we'll know every thing soon
We do all this just for being cautious.

Sa'ed has a bomb
How would he find us?

Calm down.
We are expecting some missile.
To get over our heads at any moment.
So let me do it be myself.
We'll postpone the every thing till know what is going on.
I'm sure he didn't betray us.
Let me looking for him
I know how he is thinking.

I'll find him.
Have to find him. Because we got to
Accomplish the mission.

Every thing is clear?
Why we didn't get this thing in the first place?
How we have to get these things?
Abu Shabab should give you cell phones as you are in Tel Aviv.
It's better for all if you found him.
You got till the sunset.

Otherwise we have to make it in another way.