Pretty Persuasion

Okay, that's good.
- So do you like Dysfunction?
- What?

- The show? Do you watch the show?
- Yeah, of course.

So, here's the deal. You're Marie-France...
a French foreign-exchange student
from France.

You're staying with the Parkers,
and you're a little Gallic hottie, all right?

- Buttery little croissant.
- A toasty little bagel.

Okay, and Cody, naturally,
wants to get all up in that ass soup.

- You know what I'm saying?
- Yeah.

Do I have to wear these shoes?
My feet are killing me.

- They're French.
- Okay, so look, we know that you can dance.

So I want you to go ahead
and grab that over there.

You'll drop the French bread,
and you'll say the line:

"Oh-la-la, I've dropped my baguette!"
You wiggle your little tushy
in front of the audience...

as you bend over to pick it up, and presto!
A star is born.

You think you can handle that?
- Do you want me to do it now?
- Yeah.

Oh-la-la. I've dropped my baguette!
All right, that was excellent.
That was beautiful. That was very nice.

I liked the accent, very authentic.
Thank you. We're done here. We'll call you.
You can leave now.

Don't try to walk off with those shoes, now.
They belong to the show.