Pride & Prejudice

My dear Mr Bennet, have you heard?
Netherfield Park is let at last. Do you
not want to know who has taken it?

As you wish to tell me, my dear,
I doubt I have any choice in the matter.

Kitty, what have I told you
about listening at the door?

There's a Mr Bingley
arrived from the North.

- Five thousand a year!
- Really?

- He's single!
- Who's single?

A Mr Bingley, apparently. Kitty!
How can that possibly affect them?
Mr Bennet,
how can you be so tiresome?

You know he must marry one of them.
That is his design in settling here?
You must go and visit him at once.
Good heavens. People.
For we may not visit if you do not,
as you well know, Mr Bennet.

- Are you listening? You never listen.
- You must, Papa! At once!

There's no need. I already have.
- You have?
- When?

Oh, Mr Bennet,
how can you tease me so?

Have you no compassion
for my poor nerves?

You mistake me, my dear.
I have the highest respect for them.

They've been my constant companions
these twenty years.

- Is he amiable?
- Who?

- Is he handsome?
- He's sure to be.

With 5,000 a year,
it would not matter if he had warts.

Who's got warts?
I will consent to
his marrying whichever girl he chooses.

- So will he come to the ball tomorrow?
- I believe so.

- Mr Bennet!
- I have to have your muslin!