Time to get into the living room.
You're getting away easy.
Time to go to our jail.
We shouldn't forget
prophet Mohammed.

Allah bless him.
Shall we sleep...
or tell each other stories?
There once was a boy
called Amir.

Mama, I have to go to the toilet.
Hold it for a while.
- But I have to go.

Mama, I've got to go.
- Wait a little while, honey.

Papa, I really have to go.
- Wait a minute.

Papa, I have to go now.
Papa, I want to go now.
I have to go.
Jamal, what are you doing?
Have him open the door.
- Wait, Nada.

Don't touch the door.
- Do you want her to wet her pants?

Do you want him killed?
Beats having to live like this.
- Nonsense.

Don't touch that door.
No one come near that
bloody door. Sit down.

Papa, I have to go.