... designed with women in mind.
If you can twist it,
turn it, remove it,

then you can fix it,
replace it, or improve it.

My kits includes a guidebook...
Plus they painted some people up
like animals, and now it's over.

If you think you need
to go to a gym to lose weight,

stay in shape, and have a body like this,
think again.

This is Bowflex, the real workout...
When you're looking for a home, your
real estate agent is a big part of your life.

You need someone
you can count on.

Well, they studied science
and medicine in skin care,

and combined those two
in your skin solutions line.

That's exactly it. I so much
appreciate being able to be here.

Nice to have you with us,
as always.

We would love to take your phone calls.
This really is a very...

When you contact a RE/MAX agent
to help you buy yourself a home,

you expect service that's
a little out of the ordinary.

After all, RE/MAX agents average
more experience and more sales

than other agents.
So the next time you need outstanding
real estate service, call RE/MAX.

Can't sleep?
Oh, you scared me,
I'm sorry,
- What are you doing here?
- I just thought I'd check up on you,

Why aren't you in bed?
Your student's still here,
He's up in your study,

He's not my student anymore,
He's teaching now, He's a bright kid,