Qian li zou dan qi

"No, thank you."
I have another appointment.
Do you know howto use aVCR?
Let me introduce...
an expert in oriental folk arts...
Mr Ken-ichi Takata.
He is widely published on the subject.
We have some footage...
shot by Mr Ken-ichi of a mask opera.
This opera originates from Yunnan Province.
This is Mr Ken-ichi Takata...
from the faculty of Oriental Folk Arts...
at the University ofTokyo.
He's here to see you perform.
Thank you.
This is Mr Li Jiamin.
He's our lead singer.
This is amazing.
You are incredible.
He says you are incredible.
I could be better. I have a cold today.
Come back and I'll perform...
Riding Alone forThousands of Miles.
I'm not familiarwith this particular opera.
It's a mask opera about Lord Guan.
Oh...I see...the Lord Guan...
from the story...