People always
used to say I act crazy.

I always did silly things.
And this girl,
just out of the blue...

asked can I be a clown
at her birthday party.

And I was, like, "A clown?"
I pull up to
the neighborhood, jump out.

I start dancing,
walking on my hands, flippin'.

Kids would run out the houses.
People would run out the houses.
And I'll give 'em a card.
"If you need a clown
for your birthday party...

"call Tommy the Clown,
the hip-hop dancing clown."

And it start spreadin'.
Happy birthday, Malik!
Y'all ready
to party with Malik...

- somebody say, "That's right."
- That's right!

Y'all ready to have
some fun with Malik...

- say, "You know this, man."
- You know this, man!

Everybody go and give Malik
some birthday hits.

I'm just playin'.
I'm just playin'.

I'm just playin'. Y'all stop.
Y'all better back up.

You have to remember.
I created this on my own.

I started from the ground up.
No one offered me no money.
No one gave me a dime.

But I'm perceived to be
the richest man on Earth...

and ain't got a dime.
You ready for that?
Let me see you break it down.
You ain't gonna break it down?
Back in the days,
I had my share...

of being, I guess you
can say, a drug dealer...

coming out here and
gettin' involved with drugs.

I came out here
to become big time...

because I saved my money...
and was like one
of the big drug dealers...

where I got
my nice cars and stuff.

And I always liked
to show off...

to say, "Man, look what
I have gotten," you know?

That was back then.
I always say God
gave me the opportunity...

'cause either you end up
shot, dead, and killed...

or you go to jail.
And thank God
that I went to jail.

And when I went to jail...
I said, "This is not
the place for me"...

and I changed my life.
I prayed. I asked God
to give me another chance.