and you can't even wear
certain colors around here.

So you tend to have an outlet...
and sometimes...
well, most of the time...

your outlet is music.
This is where a lot of music...
And you just think
of stuff in your head...

it goes through your mind...
and a lot of times,
dancing comes out.

When you know
that there's a krump session...

me, myself, and I know
a lot of people...

will stop whatever is going on
if there's a gathering...

because it's the spirit
that's there.

There's a spirit in...
In the midst of krumpness...

there is a spirit there,
you know.

A lot of people think
it's just, you know...

"Oh, they're just
a bunch of rowdy...

"you know, just ghetto,
just heathen and thugs."

No. No, what we are
are oppressed.

It's more of the...
not the black sheep...

but just a raw version.
Like, you have organized ball,
then you have street ball.

Krumping is the street ball.
You have a boy who gets krump...
and just coincidentally,
his girlfriend gets krump.

They face off. It's the
classic battle of the sexes.

And that's what makes it like...
"Oh, my God.
Females do this, too?"

It looks like we're
fighting somebody...

but we're not fighting anybody.
Like, you can push somebody,
but they see nothing of it.

Fighting is the last thing
on our mind when we're dancing.